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How many companies can claim that they’ve never lost an account? 

We can, and its a major flex. We thrive on creating value year over year.


As a Misconduct & Ethics Hotline report administrator, we offer a convenient, confidential digital reporting solution + a toll free hotline for athletes, families, coaches, owners, vendors and other interested parties to report their good-faith concerns.

Federally Compliant & Permanent

Our misconduct reporting solution meets the federal SafeSport Act requirements. Based on Federal Corporate Whistleblower systems, our reports are not able to be deleted- so regardless of who the report pertains to it will remain unaltered.

We're Available 24/7

Our hotline provides 24/7/365 anonymous and confidential reporting for athletes, families, employees, vendors, or other interested parties by web form submission, toll-free phone, or text message. Text and phone reporting channels are provided in multiple languages.

Easy for Customers

Three easy, convenient and anonymous methods for reporting concerns – toll free phone, text message reporting or by filling out a secure web form on our website. Both English and Spanish are provided on the phone and text solutions. Anonymous 2 way communication is available, if the reporter opts in.

Easy for Case Managers

Authorized company personnel can sign in at any time to add information to existing reports, obtain status updates and include progress notes. Users also are able to assign individual cases to specified employees for review, while keeping them from seeing other reports- ideal for franchise or multi-location companies.

Consistent pricing that grows with your business.

Per-athlete pricing that grows with your business.  Reach out today- start with a sales representative, and if you need a little more help making the decision, we’ll put you in touch with one of our current customers.  

REPORT INTAKE & Management

Professional risk managers to streamline your reporting requirements.

Accurate and comprehensive reports

All calls are recorded and case notes are transcribed in real-time, with immediate communication with the program owner.

Case Support for the lifecycle of the complaint

Case management starts with the intake call- most files require active participation with law enforcement and/ or the sport federation for months to come.  Your dedicated risk officer quarterbacks this for you, keeping you up to speed every step.

Case Management Portal

Need information about a case? Curious if there was an update? Simply log into to your case management portal and see your case statuses in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly do you do?

Our dedicated risk officers have extensive expertise in Title IX and Safe Sport Act requirements. The Sports Compliance Company provides employee, volunteer, athletes and youth sport vendors the education and training required to work with youth populations.  We also provide operations and management training and consulting solutions to for-profit youth-serving organizations across the United States. From abuse prevention to CPR and first aid, The Sports Compliance Company remains the leader in amateur sport compliance solutions.


What happens after a report is filed?

Our team keeps you looped in every step of the way, and provides all documentation necessary for your next steps. Each incident is unique, and although policy is applied identically in each report, the subsequent requirements are determined by the specific allegation and may include reports made to the sport federation, child welfare services, law enforcement, and more.


As a business owner, am I made aware of the report that involves my company?

Absolutely. Upon receipt of an ethics or misconduct violation report, you are contacted immediately and our team explains the required next steps that they will be conducting to ensure your compliance. 


Where Do I Start?

Our entry-level misconduct hotline solution satisfies your reporting requirement for both the Safe Sport Act and Title IX- start today. Our call center is staffed 24/7/365 and disclosures that involve sexual abuse are escalated to our team of skilled social workers.


Can I get insurance discounts?

Yes, we have customers who have received discounts on their policies. More common this year are companies able to be issued coverage based on our training implementation post-abuse claim. No previous claims history? Provide your agent and underwriters with the content of our 7-hour live compliance training, your contract for monthly continuing education, and your hotline subscription details, and you may be able to see a reduction in rate based on your claims history and carrier.


Who does all the follow up work?

We manage the full life-cycle of each report.  Should you stop contracting with The Sports Compliance Company during the time an investigation is in process, as the intake administrator, our contracts allow us to communicate with law enforcement and child welfare to ensure each case continues to move forward.

HR and Compliance Solutions, Reimagined for Sports

No other company has built the suite of solutions to support the sports operations business, and we back these solutions with customer service that is second-to-none. Reach out today to learn just how easy it is to meet your compliance requirements, train your staff and athletes,  and implement our misconduct and ethics reporting hotline.

Our hotline is staffed by professionals 24/7/365

Ethics and Misconduct Reporting Hotline– we provide same-day implementation and easy roll-out to your staff, parents, athletes, and vendors. When you contract with SCC for filing service, we guarantee same-day submittals.

Our Training and Education is Best-in-Class

We address changing the culture of coaching in youth sport, and teach your team how to be successful. Our live, full-day training explains the rules of the road for your sport, and teaches your coaches how to implement these policies into their lives to not only improve their education, but understand the rules to maintain coaching eligibility.

HR Experts

Our internal HR team provides the outsourced HR expertise you need to satisfy your compliance requirements and ensure local, state, federal, and sport federation requirements are met.

Professional Internal Investigations Team

SCC’s internal investigations experts work independently or with your internal team and outside entities- typically law enforcement and your sport federation- to provide expert guidance through complex situations.

Monthly Live and Remote Continued Education

Continued Education through our app and Zoom with easy compliance tracking for all your employees, parents, and athletes.