Training and Education Solutions

With both digital and live solutions, our sport-specific education and corporate compliance training curriculum were built specifically to support your amateur sport compliance needs.


New to The Sports Compliance Company? All training packages start with our full-day 101 class- taught live, and at your location.

Easily Track Your Employee and Athlete Training Progress

One-click reporting for you to ensure progress – and completion- of each required element.  

Digital Training- Microlearning LMS Platform

Content is broken up into microlessons of no more than a few minutes in duration. When combined with delivery on a smartphone device, you can truly enable your learners to engage at a time and place that’s convenient for them.

Our knowledge and state of the art mobile learning platform


your employees and athletes… we’re better together.

Certifications and Custom Solutions

Our education and training platforms manage each of your employees and athlete’s requirements and keep you up to speed on their progress and ensure completion and certification for your insurance carriers.  Need a custom training or education piece developed for your company? Reach out today- we can create the custom learning solutions that address any HR or compliance need. 

Mobile-based Learning

Utilizing microlearning, gamification, spaced repetition and many other LMS features, this mobile-focused system, which enables employees to perform training on their own mobile devices, is the most effective and engaging way to create, distribute and analyze training in sport environments.

Live Training & Conference Facilitation

SCC’s live training is engaging and impactful.  From full day on-site training to multi-day conference facilitation or keynotes, no one else addresses compliance and HR the way we do. Our live full-day training is required for all compliance customers, and taught live at your location. We love making great coaches and athletes even better- reach out today, our references and success rate with shifting historic culture in organizations speaks volumes.

Learning through a mobile learning platform, from day one

From the moment you on-board an employee, they can become a learner. They can learn where to go and who to contact beforetheir first day and they can reflect on their work with a quick booster lesson on the way home.

Experienced employees benefit too. Accessing mobile training that covers the latest products, procedures and compliance policies can keep them in step with a constantly evolving marketplace. They are able to learn, review and become more competent sales associates with just a few taps each day. They will constantly be empowered to improve, even when they’re not at their posts.

With prize-based motivation delivered directly to their pockets, learners are motivated to return over and over to review past content and access all available rewards. They can also see how colleagues are performing which gives them extrinsic motivation to continue with their learning while encouraging friendly competition among staff members.

A mobile, education-driven work culture

By using the learning app, you can establish a work culture that is constantly improving. The ever-increasing number of younger employees is establishing an ever-increasing need for agile learning and development. Mobile learning is fun, engaging and it’s simple nature will foster intrinsic motivation for your staff to increase their competencies while delivering extrinsic motivation through real rewards and prizes. Use it with microlearning, multimedia, reminders and other advanced learning features to engage and develop your workforce like never before possible.

Compliance Doesn’t Have To Be Hard-

Get Started Today.


Managing your youth or adult amateur sports operation doesn’t have to be complicated.  Call or click today to schedule a free consultation.

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